Construction Industry Certification

Construction Industry Tax Returns
(CIS Tax Returns)

If you work in the Construction Industry, you will either be deducting tax from monies paid to subcontractors; or receiving payments with 20% or 30% Tax deducted.

CIS tax returns can be complex, time consuming and confusing. Doing it yourself - and making a mistake - can land you with a fine.

Goddards Accountants expert team has been filing Construction worker tax returns since 2000. We know exactly what you can claim for. We will help you to maximise your refund of cash from HMRC.

What do we require?

  • Copies of any correspondence received from HM Revenue and Customs
  • Details of your income, with monthly CIS Deduction statements, and remittance advice
  • Copies of your Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements for the year(s) in question
  • Details of any expenditure incurred from your Self Employments (telephone - inc. mobile, motor expenses, equipment, consumables, insurances, materials, tools, protective clothing, training etc.)
  • Complete our easy to understand Tax Refund Pack

Tax Refund Calculator

Why choose Goddards Accountants?

  1. It's free to find out if you qualify for a CIS tax refund.
  2. If we are successful in receiving monies for you, we will take our fee from the money recovered.
  3. Our team of experts are here to help you and talk you through every step of the way, calculating the tax refund you are due, and keeping you in the picture all the time.

Phone us on 020 8941 2187

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